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The Decisive Decade: Organising Climate Action

Our founder, Rajiv Joshi, was commissioned by Christiana Figueres and Mission 2020 in partnership with Oxford Saïd Business School to co-lead an in-depth research project investigating the future of climate action.

The inquiry involved harnessing seminal input from some of the world’s leading organisations, individuals and movements working to address the climate crisis and related injustice. 

“There is increasing agreement that greater collaboration and broader participation is needed in the climate action field,  but how can we actually make it happen? This report identifies three key strategies for bringing together businesses, civil society organisations, philanthropic funders, and governments to deliver systemic change for people and our planet.”
– Rajiv Joshi and Marya Besharov, lead authors of the report

We’re here to help you make it happen. Work with us

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