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Our Services

We serve as a bridge, curating connections, linking positive intentions with partnerships that restore nature, promote peace, and cultivate a more equal, prosperous future for all.

We instigate action in the following three areas:

Campaigns & Coalitions


We know that building a regenerative future will not happen overnight. It will require innovation and a complete transformation and redesign of our current systems.

To make this happen, we bring together activists, creatives, investors, and companies to shift norms and rewrite tired rulebooks through radical collaboration and innovative campaigning.

How we do it
  • We forge unlikely alliances and build coalitions unafraid to act, rather than purely react.
  • We build momentum by fostering breakthrough partnerships.
  • We carry out evidence-based policy, advocacy, polling and research.
  • We tell the story of the new world, with compelling communications and content.

Strategy & Leadership Development


Ensuring the world becomes a better place is everyone’s responsibility. We help individuals and organisations to develop and evolve, create clear visions, and build robust strategies to drive positive change.

We recognise that Ideas form when echo chambers are broken. We bring together diverse people with unique perspectives, curating unique experiences for connection amongst business leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, creatives, and indigenous elders. 

We believe that redefining education and fostering positive leadership is crucial to transforming our economy and regenerating our environment.

Our Strategy and Planning Services

We advise organisations and individuals, providing them with strategies to help them to fulfil their goals—from establishing climate-proof, sustainable and regenerative business models to fostering ethical leadership.

  • We support investors to identify ways of boosting their positive impact on society.
  • We help companies to design restorative business models and cultures.
  • We work alongside civil society, non-profit organisations, and ‘for-benefit’ entities to help them transform their current operating models.
  • We support organisations to navigate in the wider field to maximise their contributions at critical moments.
How We Cultivate Pioneering Leadership
  • We develop innovative educational platforms and courses, partnering with world-leading institutions, to transform internal cultures.
  • We identify curate connections between leaders and practitioners across sectors, including business, creatives, non-profits, government organisations and entrepreneurs.
  • We provide specialised life planning and mentoring to support the growth of leaders and CEOs.

Incubation & Investment


Rather than focus on what’s not working, our emphasis is on root causes – to bring about a safer, fairer, greener and more inclusive economic future.

We work with partners, innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs to help design and scale innovative ideas, businesses and organizations. We support those that are not afraid to speak out, disrupt markets and address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

How we do it
  • We work with our partners to connect business leaders with storytellers, activists, investors, and companies. By building a supportive network, members can lab test ideas and join hands in working towards a better world.
  • We channel resources to where they can generate the greatest value for society and our environment. We link like-minded investors and crowdfunding platforms with positive ventures, helping them to unlock capital and other resources that create long-term value for people and the planet.
  • We host workshops, listening sessions, webinars, and roundtables to enable business leaders to access knowledge and share learnings while shining a light on a new economy rising.

We’re here to help you make it happen. Work with us

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