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  1. Count Us In

    As founding partners of Count Us In, our pioneering work has one simple, yet ambitious, aim — to inspire one billion people over the next decade to take action against climate change and reduce their carbon pollution. As a result, we want the globe to reach the formidable target of cutting emissions by 50%.

    We all know how important right now is in order to protect the planet and everyone around us, and our work helps people to make achievable, long-term changes. It includes the Stand Up: Take Action initiative, where we helped break a Guinness World Record for the largest number of people to take action on a single day across the world—273 million people.

    World-renowned organisations including TED, Leaders Quest, IKEA, Arsenal FC, HSBC, FIFA, NHS, C40, BT, WWF, Natura & Co, and the International Olympic Committee are also vital partners helping us in our pursuit of change. Individually we can all make a huge difference, together we can change the world.

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Current Partnerships
  1. Climate Justice, Economic Justice, Human Rights: Corporate Accountability Initiative

    We support the Corporate Campaigning Initiative, which focuses on ensuring businesses are a force for good. This initiative brings together people and organisations to strengthen corporate accountability and build a thriving future for all. Together, we’re ready to spark a movement and build a restorative future for the planet and people.

    That’s why we are working with Amnesty International, Oxfam, Global Witness, 350.org and Action Aid and others, to design an initiative focused on strengthening corporate accountability at the intersection of climate justice, economic justice and human rights. Together, we are working across sectors—where issues are most pronounced to lift up the voices of communities most affected by climate change, uncover the facts, and develop alliances to take action.

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  2. #ImagineTheFuture

    We urgently need a new direction to help humanity thrive—within the boundaries set by nature. #ImagineTheFuture is a collaborative campaign established by Mission 2020, that explores innovative ways to slash global emissions in half by 2030—an essential plan set out by the UN in order to honour and protect our world.

    Part of our crucial work in helping to drive this effort involves leading the development of an overall initiative to help chart the path forward in the decisive decade, crafting reports, designing workshops, and building an imaginarium that will bring together people from wide-ranging backgrounds and points of view to explore topics including the future of finance to the future of health. By working together, we can build a tomorrow that is healthier, fairer, and more prosperous than today.

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  3. Global Recovery Collective

    In every crisis, there are huge challenges, but there is also an opportunity—a pivotal period for people to reflect, listen, and explore ways of doing things differently or start afresh.

    To make it happen, we’re creating an open, collaborative environment where we equip others with the tools they need to build a brighter future. Our work with the Global Recovery Collective involves doing everything we can to link leading climate, development, health, justice, and equality networks—new experimental partnerships can not only ask new questions, but they can offer new solutions.

Previous Partnerships
  1. The Elders

    Our world is in desperate need of bold and courageous moral leadership, inspired by the wisdom and expertise of those who have stood up for values that unite—rather than divide—humanity. The Elders brings together a collective of role models who have done just that.

    We developed and helped to scale The Elders’ Every Human Has Rights Campaign, which was chaired by Nelson Mandela. The work included organising multiple events in Glasgow, which resulted in a rally and the formation of a Youth Assembly, part of the CIVICUS World Assembly, which is a global gathering of inspired thinkers, leaders, and organisations looking to take on the world’s most difficult challenges.

  2. The B Team

    Our Founder helped to start, lead, and scale this initiative that looks to redefine the culture of accountability in business. Working alongside many of the world’s leading CEOs, former heads of state and civic leaders, we helped to create new norms of corporate leadership by empowering people to take on tough topics including Responsible Tax practice, illicit flows of capital, climate justice, and labour rights.

  3. The World We Want

    Alongside the United Nations and other frontline organisations, we created the Sustainable Development Goals—targets to end poverty, improve healthcare, and build a more inclusive and sustainable world. Our work involved advising on the process, which included developing six consultations and engaging with over three million people in more than 70 countries.

  4. B-Economy Movement

    We worked alongside thousands of entrepreneurs building businesses that put people and the planet before profit. Our role involved supporting groups including B Corp, Sistema B, and the Global Steering Group (GSG) to develop a unified approach ahead of the G20 summit in Argentina.

  5. Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance

    We supported the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance’s development and launch, which brought together an international group of investors with over $4 trillion in assets under management. Our work resulted in each member pledging to transition their portfolios to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

  6. Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP)

    GCAP is a network of more than 11,000 civil society organisations organised in 58 national coalitions. It supports people in their fight for justice, defending and promoting issues including human rights, gender justice, and social justice.

    Our work involved leading the secretariat of the world’s largest alliance of grassroots organisations working to end poverty and inequality. We supported historic campaigns such as Stand Up: Take Action, which broke a Guinness World Record in 2009 when 173 million people joined in (2.5% of the world’s population). 

  7. #StandTogether

    This campaign strengthened support and action for the global climate strike movement, #FridaysForFuture. Their work looks to create a more equal world, ensuring no one gets left behind. Pivotal topics included education, poverty, foreign policy, and tech innovation.

    Our work involved rallying organisations and NGOs to support strikes, speak up, and make change. We invited leaders to spread the word and mobilise their constituencies globally.

  8. Roars Not Whispers

    We were instrumental in delivering peer education to over 10,000 young people across the UK. The initiative encouraged youths aged 16-25 to make noise by representing themselves and others and taking action on public and political issues.

    Our work involved bringing together volunteer centres, the National Lottery, youth organisations, and Oxfam.

  9. CIVICUS Youth Assembly

    We founded a $1.5 million initiative to create and strengthen solidarity amongst young people around the world, particularly in the Global South. The Youth Assembly captured worldwide attention and since its launch in 2007, it has remained a powerful platform for youths seeking change.

    Today, the Youth Assembly remains open for people and organisations across disparate sectors, themes, regions, and backgrounds to work together to solve important challenges.

  10. Scottish Youth Parliament

    We lobbied for national policy change and we were well and truly heard, with our work significantly impacting the lives of young people in Scotland.

    Our work included unlocking the right to vote for 16 year olds, introducing transport subsidies for 16-18 year olds, and banning smoking in public places. We helped to spark dialogue between 14-25-year-olds to tackle sectarian violence and to address inequalities on the basis of age, race, gender, and sexual orientation.

  11. Global Climate Strike

    We united many of the largest frontline organisations and NGOs to strengthen support for the ongoing global climate strike movement, #FridaysForFuture, which has seen millions of people have their say in protests.

    We empowered the non-profit organisation to speak up, back strikes, and mobilise their constituencies across the world.

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  12. Just Transition

    We co-created a campaign to bring together many of the world’s most influential NGOs working to address climate justice and human rights through transforming the economic system and strengthening corporate accountability. Our work included calling on countries and companies attending the 2020 World Economic Forum in Switzerland to declare a climate emergency.

    The group is dedicated to supporting important issues, including climate justice, gender justice, and the rights of workers, children, refugees, Indigenous peoples, and faith-based communities.

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  13. Patriotic Millionaires

    Comprising high-net-worth Americans, business leaders, and investors linked by their concern about the concentration of wealth and power in America, we’re supporting Patriotic Millionaires to build a more inclusive nation.

    Our work involves campaigning and providing leadership when it comes to promoting public policies focused on equality rather than division. Goals include increasing tax contributions from the super wealthy, ensuring all citizens should enjoy political power equal to that experienced by millionaires, and ensuring every person who works full-time can afford basic needs.

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  14. We Mean Business

    We supported the world’s largest alliance of companies committed to bold, unapologetic climate action.

    Our work mobilized thousands of businesses to commit to bold climate action, including the establishment of a ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ initiative. The coalition now comprises companies with more than $20 trillion in combined market capitalization.

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