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What is Grounded Conversations?

Grounded Conversations is an online mini-series: five twelve minute episodes comprising a series of interviews that apply a diversity of knowledge to pressing contemporary questions, centred around the next steps in changing the world. Each episode will consist of a high-level interview with a thought leader, and responses from individuals working on the ground speaking from recent first hand experience.


How does this actually work?

A long interview is conducted with established experts in a given field. The interview broadly looks at their life experiences, their learnings along the way, and how they feel this can be applied to their lives and work moving forward. We also ask them to deep dive into explaining specialist concepts, and to share their opinions on the futures of their field.

Following their interview, the production team reflects on the most unique insights and what will be thought provoking. Their interview is then used to formulate a series of questions and soundbites that are posed to a range of other thinkers from different regions, ages, backgrounds and industries to respond to.

The purpose of this is to illustrate the benefits of catalytic collaboration for systems change: how can we learn from the work of others, and actively cooperate to form unlikely alliances that may lead to more full and considerate solutions to the most pressing issues of our time. In the last year, we have been pushed further and further into our own bubbles, reinforcing historically divisive silos of class, sector, regions, and interests. We believe that solutions begin when division ends, and want to illustrate this with positive content that exemplifies the benefits of coming together.


What will the episodes look like?

Episodes will be a combination of zoom interviews, in-person interviews, stock footage, historic photos, and footage from guests. To demystify more complex topics, episodes will include animated breakdowns of mentioned systems, definitions of specialist terms, and an accompanying reading list.

Viewers will leave the episode increasingly knowledgeable and inspired to get involved. Episodes will provide tangible actions for viewers to immediately take.


What are the topics?

Overarching sectors of discussion include economics, activism, arts and culture, technology, and business.


Additional FAQs answers

  • Guests on the series are invited to participate pro-bono. We are a charity and are operating on a very limited budget.
  • Upon completion of the series, we will be seeking media partners to house the content on their platform. The content will be played in our space at COP26. It will also be freely available to participants.

We’re here to help you make it happen. Work with us

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