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Lucy Cargill

Specialising in high-value global fundraising, Lucy is a passionate activist and changemaker, currently working predominantly in climate justice. She is an advisor at Mission 2020​, ​a shared global campaign, convened by diplomat Christiana Figueres to accelerate climate action so we can reach a turning point on greenhouse gas emissions.

With a firm belief that creative communications, innovative media, and finding mutual understanding between humans can change the world, her previous roles were at the intersection of entertainment and international development. Building on the knowledge gained from her MA in Film & Television Studies and Sociology from the University of Glasgow, Lucy was previously Director of Development for the ​MTV Staying Alive Foundation,​ a media movement creating groundbreaking content with proven impact on global health.

Formerly, she was part of the core team to successfully launch Global Media & Entertainment’s charity, G​lobal’s Make Some Noise.​

As a qualified meditation instructor and Reiki practitioner, Lucy believes in the transformative power of mindfulness, nature and spiritual practices, in order to connect more meaningfully with ourselves and others.

We’re here to help you make it happen. Work with us

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